FAQ - Frequently Asked Questions

  1. How long is the cruise?
    The duration of the Sunset Cruise at 6.00pm & Sundown Cruise at 7.15pm is one hour.
    The duration of the Dinner Cruise at 8.45pm is two hours.

  2. What does a single ticket include?
    Sunset & Sundown Cruise: A single ticket includes entry to a fun-filled, hour-long evening Mandovi river cruise on Paradise with a live DJ performance, three Goan folk dances and sightseeing along the river Mandovi.

    Dinner Cruise: A single ticket includes 2 Hour Cruise on the river Mandovi, DJ music, Various Dancing Rounds, Reserved Table Seating, 3 Dances, Fun & Games with prizes, Sightseeing from the vantage point of the river, 2 Complimentary Drinks (2 beers / 2 whisky / 2 vodka / 2 wine / 2 soft drinks), Dinner & Dessert Buffet – 9 items (2 veg, 1 non veg, 2 salads, rice, dal, chapatti, 1 dessert)

  3. What do you mean by "full ticket for children above 3 feet"?
    Any child above the height of 3 feet has to buy a full ticket. Any child below this height is free.

  4. Does the ticket include any beverage or food?
    On the Sunset & Sundown Cruise it does not include food & beverages - they can be bought at an additional price on the boat.

    On the Dinner Cruise it includes 2 Complimentary Drinks (2 beers / 2 whisky / 2 vodka / 2 wine / 2 soft drinks), Dinner & Dessert Buffet – 9 items (2 veg, 1 non veg, 2 salads, rice, dal, chapatti, 1 dessert)

  5. Is there a toilet on the boat?
    Yes, there is a toilet on the boat.

  6. Are all the boats same?
    Paradise Cruises has 2 large boats - Paradise & Paradise-II. They differ in size. They are Goa's most famous & biggest boat cruises. Always insist on asking for PARADISE.

  7. Can we choose a particular boat?
    Yes, you can. Always ask for PARADISE.

  8. What do you mean by "outside beverages and food are not allowed"?
    Passengers are not allowed to carry any liquor from outside - there is a bar counter which sells liquor on each boat.
    Food for infants is allowed - other food items are not allowed - there is a snacks counter which sells snacks on each boat.

  9. What do you mean by "heavy bags are not allowed"?
    Heavy bags and luggage are not allowed - ladies are allowed to carry a purse and gents, a backpack. No other bags are allowed. The bags will be checked by our security staff.

  10. Is there a storage rooms for bags and luggage?
    No, there is not storage room - we recommend that you keep your bags in your hotel room or car.

  11. Are tickets assigned for particular seats on the boat?
    No, the seats are on a first-come-first-serve basis - the boats do not take more passengers than the number of seats. They is ample sitting space on our boats.

  12. What is the address of the boarding point of the cruise?
    Paradise Cruises,
    Tourism Jetty,
    Below the Mandovi Bridges,
    Panjim - Goa.
    Boarding Point Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/Rr8en6x36oV9EHxy7

  13. Is there parking at the location?
    There is a multi level car park (MLCP) building opposite our location. It is a pay parking facility run by the government & open to all. There is also a bus parking space on the side.
    Multi-Level Car Park Pin: https://maps.app.goo.gl/h6pamAGVpvWhRLs39

  14. Do the Bar and Snacks counters accept credit cards?
    No, the bar and snacks counters does not accept credit card payments due to range issues. UPI payments & cash are accepted.

  15. Are cameras allowed on the Boat?
    Yes, cameras for pictures and videos are allowed on the boat. However, professional filming cameras and other equipment are NOT allowed and any recorded content cannot be used for commercial purposes without the consent of the management of the boat.

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