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Goa has been THE holiday destination in India for decades. People have been visiting from all over India and the world to relax and enjoy themselves with music song and dance. And since we were already in the water and boat business and had a keen understanding of the sea, we ventured into the world of river boat cruises.

So we bought an old wooden boat named Flor da rosa and modified it, lining it with fiberglass for a sleeker look, adding seats and a stage and giving it an overall makeover. An hour-long cultural program was decided upon, that included Goan folk dance performances, in order for the guests to get a glimpse into the cultural heritage of Goa, during which the boat would cruise along the river Mandovi playing live music.

Flor da rosa had a capacity of just 30 passengers. The boat cruises were operated from a small jetty which we built on the banks of the Mandovi river opposite the iconic Hotel Mandovi.

After a while, we upgraded to two 60 passenger boats that we acquired at a Government auction, and after five years of operation we decided to build our own boat to accommodate the growing demand for river cruises. Enter, Oceanica- a double-decker with a capacity of 200 passengers.

Another five years on, we decided to invest in an even bigger boat which had 3 decks and could hold 400 passengers so Paradise was built. And finally, owing to the last boom in tourism an even bigger boat called Paradise II was built, which at a capacity of 600 is our largest boat till date.

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