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Owing to its place on the map, Goa has always been an attraction for travelers and tourists who want to be by the ocean. Tourists have been traveling here and enjoying its many delights since the time of the British Raj and the industry has been growing ever since. Way back, in the 60's Goa was among the most frequented places in India. And since then, the inflow hasn't stopped, ensuring that travel and tourism is now the mainstay of our local economy.

Goa's crowning glory are undoubtedly its immaculate beaches that line the West Coast of the Indian peninsula. Nestled along the slopes of the Western Ghats, its geography moves from hills to valleys and plains, and finally comes to rest by the Arabian Sea. An esoteric mix of a colonial Portuguese influence, original traditional craft, incredible natural beauty, carefully preserved heritage museums as well as multicultural architecture make Goa a sumptuous experience to be savored and remembered for life.

Goa is best known as a tourist paradise, both in India and abroad. Lavishly gifted by nature for its scenic beauty, virgin beaches girdling its 105-km long palm-fringed coast interspersed with enchanting coves, bays and estuaries, paddy fields, shady coconut, cashew and mango groves dotted with tiny picturesque villages, temples and churches renowned for worship and pilgrims, forts and monuments and above all, friendly and hospitable people. As the saying goes, it's always better in Goa.

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