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Evening Cruises

You can book these daily evening cruises, directly from our counter or at any one of our registered outlets all over Goa. (Kindly avoid buying tickets from people hanging around on the road, especially from guides and touts, as they sell tickets for smaller boats and tell customers they are selling tickets for Paradise Cruises)

Fun filled Evening Cruises
(Please note that Paradise Cruises has joined the government single window system under "Goa Boat Cruises" - under this banner all four operators operate their boats with a uniform entertainment program & sightseeing)

Every evening - 5.45pm onwards

A pleasant way to spend a thoroughly enjoyable evening in Goa is to take the "EXCITING ONE HOUR EVENING CRUISE" from the Tourism Jetty, below the Mandovi Bridge, Panaji Goa. A tastefully decorated cruiser named the "PARADISE", Goa's BIGGEST & BEST TRIPLE DECK CRUISER, takes the guests for a lovely ride down the river Mandovi, past Adil Shah's summer palace towards the Arabian Sea and Reis Magos Fort from where one can get a panoramic view of the Grand Fort Aguada, majestic Cabo - the Governor's Palace, the sprawling Miramar beach and catch the glorious sunset over the vast Indian Ocean.

The atmosphere on the river boat is festive. Guests are welcomed on board by the friendly compere who from time to time fills you in with details of well-known landmarks on the shore while advising everyone to let their hair down, have a drink and get into a mood for the program ahead that is "Fun for Everyone" - fun for the young and fun for the young at heart.

Taking over, the DJ starts with the welcome song for the kids to dance to. This is followed by the welcome dance - the dekni - the immortal saga of a girl's endearments and the romantic boatman's reluctance, which is so captivating.

This dance is followed by the DJ playing popular Hindi and English tracks. He also mixes it up with different retro tunes that are definite crowd-pleasers. There is also a round of dancing for the couples in the crowd, where you and your loved one can take the dance floor by storm.

Soon it is time for the second dance - the harvest dance or kunbi dance which depicts the process of farming - sowing, growing, the bountiful harvest and the celebrations of the same. Colorfully dressed farmers in their traditional kunbi clothes - gracefully dance their way into your hearts.

The DJ then continues playing music, followed by a short break in entertainment, giving everybody a chance to refresh themselves and take in Goa by night on the river.

The program returns with the colorful and exciting Portuguese folk dance - the corredinho that is performed in colorful costumes and to the beat of the triple clap that has everybody clapping long.

The DJ then plays his last set of songs for only the ladies to dance to, followed by a round for everyone.

We also have a fully air-conditioned discotheque on the bottom deck which has a DJ playing non-stop dance music for the people who just want to dance. This is one of the first floating discos in Goa.

We have a Bar and Snack counter on the middle deck which caters to all the food and beverage needs of our guests. We provide all sorts of alcoholic and non-alcoholic drinks, warm beverages, steamed corn, popcorn, ice-cream, snacks, chaat and other fast food items.

The cruiser finally heads towards the historic Mandovi bridge where it gently re-docks. What makes the trip really enjoyable is not only the program but the attitude and the services offered by the Paradise Cruises staff who are always around, helpful, friendly, courteous and full of bon-vivant.

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